Music has healing properties.
During this difficult period of the Covid-19 pandemic, I find myself spending more and more time at the piano. I created an online series, Daily Dose of Piano, where, for 100 days, each day I posted a piano video to share some music with the world. I hope they bring you a bit of joy and a moment of peace.

I was honored that Daily Dose of Piano was included in "Honoring Resiliency", a feature highlighting many amazing Tulane University alumni who were making positive contributions to the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am proud to be a Tulane grad. Roll Wave!

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Day 100: Waltz in G Major, Op.50 No.10 by Franz Schubert
I hope these videos bring you joy and brighten your days.
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Check out my YouTube playlist for all of the Daily Doses
Day 100: Waltz in G Major, Op.50 No.10 by Franz Schubert
Day 99: "Lamed (A letter for a friend)" by Federico Longo
Day 98: "Sazanami" (Ripples) by John McLachlan*
Day 97: "Ninna Nanna" (Lullaby) by Simeone Tartaglione
Day 96: Sonata in Tricromia - 2nd movement - by Teresa Procaccini
Day 95: Waltz in Ab Major, Op.9 No.4 by Franz Schubert
Day 94: "Il Flauto Solitario" by Teresa Procaccini
Day 93: "build-it-yourself" by inti figgis-vizueta
Day 92: "When Soft Voices Die" by Melissa Hui
Day 91: "Reindeer" from "Melodies for the Snow Queen" by Faina Lushtak
Day 90: "An Inchworm Converts to Metric" from "The Day Things Went Wrong at the Pet Store" by Daniel Dorff
Day 89: "The Inch Worm" by Frank Loesser
Day 88: "Purple" by Robert Starer
Day 87: "4:3" by Zach Reading*
Day 86: No.3 from "Three Thoughts" by Jennifer Margaret Barker
Day 85: Diez Contemplaciones: I by Jorge Ibáñez
Day 84: "In the Canyon" from Four Character Pieces by Faina Lushtak
Day 83: Essential Etude II by Luciano Williamson
Day 82: "Low Tide" by Anna Höstman
Day 81: Microprelude I by Dalen Wuest
Day 80: Waltz in F Minor, Op.33 No.14 by Franz Schubert
Day 79: "Parlak Karanlik" (The Bright Darkness) by Ümit Armağan*
Day 78: "X. In Memoriam: Constance Hope" from 13 Anniversaries by Leonard Bernstein
Day 77: "Imprint" by Julia Mermelstein
Day 76: "Moth" by Jack Curtis Dubowsky
Day 75: Waltz in F Major, Op.9 No.36 by Franz Schubert
Day 74: Prelude No.4 by Brian E. Young
Day 73: Waltz in A Major, Op.9 No.16 by Franz Schubert
Day 72: "Cometes mortes: No.1" by Raphael Novarina
Day 71: "Skypond" by Mark Bowler
Day 70: "Goodbye, Europe" by Caleb Rowan
Day 69: Waltz in B Major, Op.9 No.23 by Franz Schubert
Day 68: "Eel" by Patrick John Jones*
Day 67: "Daydreaming" by Timothy Brown​
Day 66: "Sirens: Covid19 Elegy" by Rich Campbell
Day 65: "Nocturne" by Martin Gaughan​*
Day 64: "Crimson" from "Sketches in Color" by Robert Starer
Day 63: "Shades of Blue" from "Sketches in Color" by Robert Starer
Day 62: "Bright Orange" from "Sketches in Color" by Robert Starer​
Day 61: "Red House Bagatelle" by Richard Alan Searle*
Day 60: "After the Rain" from "Glass-Colored Roses: 9 Watercolor Sketches for Piano" by Eric Pazdziora 
Day 59: "Off to the Dog Park" from "The Adventures of Tobias Henry McCullough III" by Anselm McDonnell
Day 58: Waltz in A-flat Major, Op.9 No.3 by Franz Schubert
Day 57: "Fountain in a Courtyard" by Robert Stark
Day 56: "As trees wave slowly" from "Tree Pieces" by Laura Shipsey
Day 55: "Valzer II" (Waltz II) from Album per bimbi, giovani e vecchi by Emiliano Manna
Day 54: "Sculpture" by Jordan Hendrickson
Day 53: "Week 4 - 16th April: Twilight" from "Isolation" by Charlotte Botterill​
Day 52: "Autumn Rivers" from "Glass-Colored Roses: 9 Watercolor Sketches for Piano" by Eric Pazdziora
Day 51: "Polite Waltz No.5" by Douglas Boyce
Day 50: "Play me" by Alex Ho
Day 49: "Angelus" by David Lancaster
Day 48: "Moonlight" Sonata, Op.27. No.2 in C-sharp Minor, 1st mvt, by Beethoven
Day 47: "Footsteps in the Snow" from Preludes, Book 1 by Claude Debussy
Day 46: Mazurka in A-flat Major, Op.17 No.3 by Frederic Chopin
Day 45: "Bien tirada está" from "Los Caprichos" by Armando Bayolo
Day 44: "Sitting in Solitude" by Alec M. Davis*
Day 43: "Week 2 - 2nd April: Loss" from "Isolation" by Charlotte Botterill*
Day 42: "5th April: Sun Shines and Birds Sing" from "Isolation" by Charlotte Botterill*
Day 41: Invention (after J.S. Bach) by Adam Scott Neal
Day 40: Invention No.4 in D Minor by J.S. Bach
Day 39: "Sophie's Theme" by Michael Oberhauser *
Day 38: "Yearbook" by Matthew Greene *
Day 37: "Imposter Syndrome" by Matthew Greene *
Day 36: "Summer Self-Reflection" by Matthew Greene *
Day 35: "Chocolate" by Emma Wilde *
Day 34: "Lupis Prelude" from "Approximately 5 Preludes" by Giuseppe Lupis
Day 33: Dreamless Counterpoint: II by William Kenlon
Day 32: Homenaje a Juan Jose Castro from 12 American Preludes by Alberto Ginastera
Day 31: Sentimental Waltz from Poetic Waltzes by Enrique Granados
Day 30: Moment Musical No.6 in A-flat Major by Franz Schubert
Day 29: Moment Musical No.2 in A-flat Major by Schubert
Day 28: "In Memoriam: Ellen Goetz" from 13 Anniversaries by Leonard Bernstein
Day 27: Swineherd's Dance from For Children by Bela Bartok
Day 26: Tango in D Major by Isaac Albeniz
Day 25: "Christmastime is Here" from A Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince Guaraldi
Day 24: "To a Wild Rose" from Woodland Sketches by Edward MacDowell
Day 23: "Liz on Top of the World" from Pride and Prejudice soundtrack by Dario Marianelli
Day 22: Sonata in D Minor, K.9, by Domenico Scarlatti
Day 21: "Le Petit Montagnard" by F. P. Frontini
Day 20: "Morning Song" from Songs without Words by Mendelssohn
Day 19: Spanish Dance "Andaluza"by Enrique Granados
Day 18: "Consolation" from Songs without Words by Mendelssohn
Day 17: Invention No.1 in C Major by J.S. Bach
Day 16: "Do Re Mi" singalong from The Sound of Music by Rodgers and Hammerstein
Day 15: Johannes Brahms Hungarian Dance No.5 in F# minor for 4 Hands
Day 14: Theme from the Italian film "Il Postino" by Luis Bacalov 
Day 13: "The Little Shepherd" by Claude Debussy
Day 12: "Waltz for Miles" by Valerie Capers
Day 11: Chopin Mazurka in e minor, Op.17. No.2
Day 10: Prelude in C Major by J.S. Bach
Day 9: Reverie by Claude Debussy
Day 8, Arabesque No.1 by Claude Debussy
Day 7, a double dose! # 12 and #3 from Leonard Bernstein's "13 Anniversaries"
Day 6: Gymnopedie No.1 by Erik Satie
Day 5: Nocturne in G Minor, Op.37 No.1 by F. Chopin
Day 4: "Prima Carezza" (First Caress) by Costantino de Crescenzo
Day 3: "Billie's Song" by Valerie Capers from Portraits in Jazz
Day 2: "Pink" by Robert Starer (1924-2001) from Sketches in Color
Day 1: Schubert Sentimental Waltz No.1 in C Major, D.779, Op.50
* indicates the premiere performance of the work