Music has healing properties.
I'm starting a series called Daily Dose of Piano where each day during this Covid-19 pandemic, I will be sharing a piano video to add some beauty and art to the world. 
Sixth dose:
Gymnopedie No.1 by Erik Satie
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Fifth dose:
Nocturne in G Minor, Op.37 No.1 by F. Chopin
Fourth dose:
"Prima Carezza" (First Caress) by Costantino de Crescenzo
Third dose:
"Billie's Song" by Valerie Capers
from Portraits in Jazz
Second dose:
"Pink" by Robert Starer
from Sketches in Color
First dose:
Schubert Sentimental Waltz No.1 in C Major, D.779, Op.50
Day 7, a double dose!
# 12 and #3 from Leonard Bernstein's "13 Anniversaries"
Day 8, Arabesque No.1 by Claude Debussy - one of my favorite pieces since childhood.