Listen to me playing some of my favorite classical and contemporary works.

All music was recorded live. 

Chopin Mazurka in A-flat major, Op.17 No.3
Beethoven Sonata Op.10 No.1, 2nd mvt -
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I love how expressive this movement is.
Debussy Jardins sous la pluie -
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"Gardens under the rain"
Barker Geenyoch Ballant -
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"Ravenous Ballad" - Jennifer Margaret Barker
Chopin Mazurka in e minor, Op.17 No.2
Shostakovich Trio 2 Mvt 2 -
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Nicholas Perry, Violin, Fanny N. Weiss, Cello
Kernis Superstar Etude No.1 -
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I shout "whoa baby!" at the end of this wild piece.
Haydn Rondo all'Ungherese -
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Performance with I Solisti di Perugia in Italy
Chopin Mazurka in B-flat major, Op.17 No.1

NY Public Radio: From "Andriessen's Piano/Andriessen's Jazz", part of the Andriessen 75 festival in Washington, DC.

Hear me play the first 6 tracks of Image de Moreau, "Base" through "Blokken".

Artists-in-residence Great Noise Ensemble in NC
Newprism concert with violinist Lauren Rausch
Chopin Mazurka in A minor, Op.17 No.4