I'm so excited to announce that I'll be recording my debut album very soon!
It features two amazing composers, who I am also grateful and proud to call my friends,
Jennifer Margaret Barker and Faina Lushtak.
Inspired by my mom, who moved to the US from Italy, this album celebrates all women who move to the US from abroad and create a new life here.
My mom
This CD will include a brand new piece by Jennifer Margaret Barker, a Scottish-American composer who is currently a full professor of composition at the University of Delaware. It's the third in a set of three beautiful musical impressions based on her travels. I premiered the first 2 pieces and am so happy and honored to be completing the set.
Also featured will be several works by Faina Lushtak, a Ukrainian-American composer, including her Sonata for Piano and other exciting piano solos. Not only a great composer, Faina is a phenomenal teacher and performer. She was my undergrad piano professor at Tulane University, and has remained a friend and mentor ever since.
The idea for this CD has been in my head for a while, but it became more meaningful and important since I lost my mom in 2020. I love the idea of celebrating the brave and resilient women from around the world who move to the US, and I'm thrilled that I get to play music written by my friends in the process.
There are many expenses involved in recording a CD. These can include renting the space to record, tuning the instrument, audio and video recording engineer costs, editing, mixing, mastering, album artwork, pressing the CDs and distribution.
If you would like to help support this CD project, please feel free to contact me to learn more. You can also make a direct monetary contribution using the following platforms: