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A little musical medicine, if you will.


In this challenging time of the Covid-19 pandemic, I will be sharing one piano piece each day to bring some music and beauty into the world.

I hope these videos are bringing you some joy and brightening your days during this time.
If you are able, please consider making a donation to support my music. Thank you!
All amounts appreciated!

I am honored and excited that Daily Dose of Piano was included in "Honoring Resiliency", a feature highlighting many amazing Tulane University alumni who are doing good in the world during this COVID-19 pandemic. I am proud to be a Tulane grad. Roll Wave!


Recognized for her “tender lyricism” (The Washington Post), yet not afraid to shout, swing her foot onto the piano or don fingerless gloves if the music demands it, pianist Francesca Hurst divides her playing evenly between classical and contemporary music. Passionate about connecting with the audience, she loves giving salon-style concerts in small, intimate venues.

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There's something magical about live performance, those moments that transcend time and space, where the audience experiences the artist becoming one with the music. I strive to create these moments

in all of my performances.

Collaborative Concert: Debussy Preludes
and original artwork


I love premiering pieces because I get to present brand new music to the world. It's incredibly exciting, and a big responsibility, and I do my best to understand the music and convey its message to the audience. I cherish interacting with composers to expand my comprehension of the music.


​I premiered "BuMian" and "Moana" in a lecture recital on the complete solo piano works of Jennifer Margaret Barker, and am currently commissioning a new work from her. I love the otherworldly and impressionistic quality of her music.


​I have also premiered pieces by David Barton, Robert A. Baker, Cody Brookshire, Luciano Correa, Joel Friedman, Rahilia Hasanova, Marc Migo', and others.

"BuMian" was inspired by a trip to the islands of Hong Kong. The title is in Mandarin, and translates as 'sleepless'.